This book is a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always thrilling autobiography of Charles A.
Siringo, a real Texas Cowboy. He became a "Prince of the Plains" when he was just 15 years old and rode
the range for fifteen years. This book is the first true look into the life of a cowboy, written by someone who
actually lived the life.  
This edition was re-created from the original book published in 1885 with additional photos and addendums
added by Badgley Publishing Company. It was a great read over a hundred and twenty years ago and is still
a great read today.
ISBN: 978-0615807621
Charles A. Siringo started work as a
cowboy at age 15 in 1870 and rode
the ranges for fifteen long hard years
until he decided to settle down and
become a merchant. Becoming bored
with that, he became a Detective with
the famous Pinkerton Detective
Agency and became one of the first
detectives to operate undercover. He
infiltrated such gangs as Butch
Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, and their
Wild Bunch.
This book contains a true sketch of Billy
the Kid's life.  Siringo personally knew "The
Kid" and those that ran with him.
A Texas Cowboy

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