This book was created from the original title "American Slavery as it is in 1839-Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses" written by Theodore
Weld.  It was the book that inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe to pen her novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and along with that book, helped ignite the
flames of the American Civil War.
The first hand, eyewitness accounts in this book both shocked and infuriated many people in the northern free states who knew that slavery
was bad...but had no idea just how bad it really was.   The Abolitionist movement took off and began to grow with increased pressure being put
on our government to end this abomination.  The southern slave states bitterly opposed any new laws to remove this blight from our country
and the end result was Civil War.  
ISBN 978-0615764405
From the BPC Historical Collection
American Slavery as it was in 1839
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