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This is the true story of “Mad” Anne Bailey. In 1791 what is now West Virginia was     
unsettled wilderness, where a storm of savage warfare raged between the Indians, the
frontiersmen and the settlers.  

From the moment she heard news of her husband’s death at the Battle of Point Pleasant, a
strange, wild dream seemed to possess her and she became determined to avenge his death.  
Clad in buckskin pants, a petticoat, brogan shoes, a man’s coat and hat, a belt about her waist
which held a knife and a tomahawk, she shouldered a rifle and took up the life of a frontiersman
and a messenger carrying dispatches between Fort Lee at present day Charleston, WV, Fort
Savannah at present day Lewisburg, WV and Fort Randolph at present day Point Pleasant, WV.   

In 1791, large bodies of Indians were discovered hovering near Fort Lee, preparing for attack.   The
powder supply was perilously low.  It was one hundred miles to Fort Savannah, the only place for
re-supply.  The commander asked for volunteers to go and bring back powder.  No man was willing
to put their lives in jeopardy, but Mad Anne Bailey, without hesitation, shouted, “I will go!
Born 1742 in Liverpool, England, Died 1825 in Gallia County, Ohio
Life and Times of Anne Bailey
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