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William J. Clark
1866 painting of a "Townball" or "Baseball" game
Ty Cobb (left)
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson
    This book was first published in 1915, back when the Spit Ball (or Moist Ball as
some preferred to call it) was still a legal pitch.  Innovations in equipment  used in
the game of baseball have come a long way since this book was first published.   
Back then, there were no aluminum bats, gloves were not webbed as they are
today, catcher’s equipment offered little protection and the ball was not as “lively”
as today’s baseballs.  However, there is one thing that has not changed and that is
the basic principles and strategy of the game.  

Bill “Boileryard” Clarke spent 13 years playing in the Majors with Baltimore,
Boston, Washington D.C. and with the Giants in New York.  He also coached the
Princeton University Tigers to 499 victories.  He, with his great understanding of
the game and Fred Dawson, coach at Union College put together this book to share
their knowledge with other coaches and players.  This book contains information
on each position and how a person should play that position.  The defensive
strategies they cover are still in use today, from Little League to the Pros.

This book is not only a good source of information for new players, but is also a
valuable tool for new coaches, especially those coaching young people in youth
sports programs.  
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