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ISBN 978-0615811987
Dark Days for White Knights
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Dark Days for White Knights is the story of one Veteran’s loss of innocence and his sojourn down a lonely corridor...a chronicle of his
quest to recover something of what he lost in Vietnam.

Combat veterans of every war and from every nation have been scarred by the atrocities of war. However, because of the rotation
system implemented during the Vietnam War, the veterans of Vietnam straggled home, one by one, to be scattered across an
increasingly hostile America.  America seemed as foreign as Vietnam had once been, but these were no longer the boys who had
dreamed of serving America. The dreams of many had died in the soul-sucking mud of fetid rice paddies. There are many novels about
Vietnam, most of which highlight heroic actions in combat.  Heroes are a part of all wars and their stories are exciting and important.
Vietnam was no exception. The devotion the warriors shared for one another spawned many heroic actions...but perhaps the important
lessons from Vietnam were about personal responsibility, misplaced trust and the ultimate cost of survival. In that light...Dark Days for
White Knights is a unique perspective on a still controversial time in American history.
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Comments From Readers
"I just finished reading "Dark Days for White Knights" and highly recommend it!  It is a hard story but an easy
read.  Everyone should read this to better understand our veterans returning from combat. It is a "must read"
for all of us that are of the 1960s."                                                                                                        Jim Rodman
"I admit I do know this author. Went to Guymon High School with him. The book was very well written. I was not
disappointed. The book explained how it was to be a soldier in Vietnam. I did recognize some names that he
spoke of. I will read this book again and pass it to my daughter and my 17 year old grandson. He is close to
being out of high school and I want him to understand what it is like to be a soldier, fighting in a war. Fighting
for our freedom is not free."    Becky
"This book should help any veterans who may have had some of the same experiences in Nam and help those
who didn't to understand what they went through and still are."  Gary Gloden
"I'll start by admitting I may be biased because I went to school with the author. I'm sure some people will
refuse to believe some of the aspects of this Marine's life but he tells it like it is. The writing blends the
struggles and adversity the author faced both while in the Marine Corps and after his release but is able to
overcome and go on with life. I believe anyone who has faced combat will relate to the feelings written about in
this story. Thanks Dick, you put on paper what a lot of us felt but were afraid to admit."  E. C. Krone
"A birds eye view of a reality seldom talked about. The horrors of war, and the struggles faced by those who
have been there. Fast moving, eye opening, and gut wrenching! A must read! Told by one man that has been
through hell and back!!"  Maria / AVP Reviewer
"It is a true account written in first person. Dick relates his war experiences with chilling details but the book
also has humor and family strife throughout. I read it twice and have seldom done that with a book.    Michael
Jackson / AVP Reviewer
This book tells the story of a young man's journey through Vietnam and back home again. It is very well written
and gives a first hand view of a surreal world. You can feel the wet of the rice paddies and hear the sounds of
the helicopter. You can feel the anger and the mistrust and the heartbreak of crumbling ideals and beliefs as
you move through the series of life-changing events. The journey through both Vietnam and then through
Oklahoma and Texas is adventurous and filled with thrilling or interesting events at every turn. Parts of the
book make you sad or angry while other parts make you chuckle out loud. The book left me wanting the journey
to continue with a desire to venture down to Texas to find the Anchor Bar to see who's in there! A great read.   
Tina Beer / AVP Reviewer
This book has been selected by the American Library Association
and Nominated for the
The W. Y. Boyd Award for the Best Book in Military Fiction