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The Best book ever written about the American Revolution on the western frontier.
On the early frontier, Indians from the many tribes were encouraged by the British to attack
American settlements. In March of 1782, Pennsylvania militiamen under Lt. Col. David Williamson
murdered 90 peaceful, neutral, Christian Indians at Gnadenhutten in reprisal for these raids. These
Indians were of the Delaware nation but called themselves Moravians after being converted to

In May of 1782, Colonel William Crawford led an expedition of 500 militiamen into the Ohio County
with the primary purpose of destroying the towns of enemy Indians along the Sandusky River.  The
expedition was a failure.  

This book chronicles the events leading up to this ill fated expedition, the subsequent defeat of the
militiamen and the capture of Colonel Crawford and others.  The author, C. W. Butterfield, tells it
like it was, with graphic descriptions of the atrocities committed by both sides and of the torture
and burning of Colonel Crawford as the Indians took their revenge for the Gnadenhutten
Expedition Against Sandusky
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Col. William Crawford
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