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ISBN: 978-1450545273
When I was 2 years old, my dad's mother would shout at me to "Stop it! Stop it!" as  I lay on my back
rolling my head from side to side over and over again. She shouted and  I stopped it, but as soon as she
left the room, I'd start doing it all over again.

Years later, I learned that particular behavior was a form of self comfort.  Left on my own from early
childhood I had no choice but to live in constant fear and fight it…face unbearable loss and bear it.  I had
escape it and painstakingly find and return to my biological family.  

That is what my poems are about, survival, strength, triumph, joy, grief, and redemption.  Many years
later, I still find myself lying on my back, turning my head from side to side…waiting for my grandmother
to shout at me to stop it.  She might have added,” You should have outgrown that by now!"

                                                                                                                        D. J. Andersen
The inspiration to the author who was
a victim of child abuse.
She taught her that courage was
necessary and that escape was
always possible.                   

   Steve Badgley, BPC
The Author at age 7
Georgia Brown's Great Escape
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