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ISBN: 978-1448632770
  A reprinted and improved version of the original book by Charles M. Walker originally
published in 1869. This rare history tells of the early settlers into the Ohio Country.  
From the formation of The Ohio Company, the first settlement at Marietta, the
formation of Athens County and the Ohio University, it contains the names of many of
those first settlers as well as first hand, detailed accounts of what life was really like
on the early American Frontier.  

Before Ohio became a State, the area north of the Ohio River was called the
Northwest Territory and it was a real challenge  for these people to descend the Ohio
River and try to make a life in the wilderness.  Many of them didn't make it. Not only did
they have to contend with hostile Indians but also the nature of the wilderness itself.   
Wolves, Panthers and Bear were numerous and dangerous as evidenced by this entry
in 1806:  "
Resolved, by the Board of Commissioners, that the bounty on wolves' and
panthers' scalps for this year shall be as follows, viz: For any wolf or panther under
six months old, three dollars, and for all above that age, four dollars per scalp."  

Genealogists will treasure this book as much as lovers of history.  It contains the
names of many early settlers and the biographies of a lot of them.  It is guaranteed
that you will have a far better understanding of what life was like back in those days
once you read this book.   
History of Athens County, Ohio
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