From the BPC Historical Collection
ISBN:  978-0615528847
Hervey Scott
An early history of the County of Fairfield in Central Ohio. This book contains first hand stories and
memories of the early pioneers who settled there when the old growth forests still covered the
land and were filled with many dangers...animal and human. The reader will be rewarded with a
marvelous look at what life was really like back in the early days of the American Frontier.

"A few more brief decades of years, and we will be as the pioneers are now...gone...forgotten.  We
do not even pause an hour to remember, and possibly appreciate how much we owe to that
noble and sturdy race.  By their hands the forests and jungle have been cleared away, by which
the pestilential fogs and fens have been disarmed of mischief, mostly.  They did the hard work
and gave us a clear soil to till.  Can we say we are carrying forward their virtues, their practical
common sense, their good manners, humanity and worship?  Have we inherited their
patriotism?  We have grown wiser...possibly, and gained wealth, material wealth.  Have we
grown in goodness?"
                                                                                 Hervey Scott, 1876
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