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Young William Mason Tutt
Age 16
Dr. William Mason Tutt
AKA "Bad Bill"
The story of “Bad” Bill Tutt is based on actual events in the life of a young doctor, my Grandfather, from the
mountains of Eastern Kentucky during the early 1900’s. Some say he was a truly caring physician who saved
many lives in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Others claim he was a dashing rogue, scoundrel, womanizer,
and moonshiner, indulged by his wealthy County Judge father and bent on his pursuit of women, gambling and

What is for certain is that the moniker of “Bad Bill” was bestowed after he shot his cousin, “Bad” Bowen Rose.
And it is from here his legend grows. A female neighbor that Bill was accused of seducing gunned down his wife,
mother of their young children. His brother, Blackhawk, was murdered leading Bad Bill to plan for revenge.
Ultimately, he killed a man in a gunfight, at the notorious town of Mud Hole, Virginia landing him on the Allegheny
Chain Gang.

Regardless of his intentions or motivations, one thing is for certain, “Bad” Bill Tutt lived an adventurous life, and
is certainly the stuff of which legends are born.   
                                                                                                                                           Tutt Lambert
An interesting Note

Mark Tutt Lambert, Great Grandson of "Bad Bill" is the owner of a distillery in Frederick, Maryland.
He has created a "Moonshine" and named it after his Great-Grandfather.
Click on the bottle or the Dragon logo to visit his website.
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