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This was the name Indians applied to Lewis Wetzel, for whenever he made a kill, he would throw his head back and let
go with an un-godly scream that would echo through the hills of the Ohio frontier. The Indians upon hearing this sound
knew that one of their own had just been met his end. Lewis Wetzel, undoubtedly the best woodsman / warrior that
ever lived, was responsible for the death of over 100 Indians. It mattered not to him that they were Chiefs, Warriors,
women or children. He could care less if they were peaceful, allies or enemies. Only that they were Indians. Wetzel did
everything in his power to prevent any peaceful settlement between Whites and Indians from taking place. He did not
want peace until the last Indian was dead. History has portrayed Wetzel as both a hero and a villain. Some historians
think he was a psychopath.   As you read this book...decide for yourself.

This book also contains biographical sketches of other famous frontier names such as Simon Kenton, Benjamin
Logan, Samuel Brady and many others.
The Death Wind
Life and Adventures of Lewis Wetzel
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ISBN: 978-1449507473