An Indian in a bear skin scouted out the
Wetzel cabin prior to the attack and the
capture of Lewis and his brother.
From the BPC Historical Collection
ISBN 978-0615845319
  Lewis Wetzel, a famous scout and ranger on the early American frontier just west of the Appalachian Mountains.  He is a true American icon, but is he a hero or a
villain?  Almost all of the early settlers considered him a hero because he vowed to "kill any Indian" who crossed his path and in doing so deterred the Indians
from striking the settlements.  Others of the time considered him a barbarous, psychotic murderer for killing innocent Indians, including women and children and
thus incited the Indians to warfare against the growing population of whites.  They claim Lewis Wetzel did everything in his power  to prevent peace between the
Indians and the settlers so he could keep on killing with impunity.  

"Deathwind", is what the Indians called Lewis Wetzel for whenever he made a kill, he would throw back his head and let out a scream of hatred, rage and defiance
that echoed throughout the hills.  Other Indians upon hearing that scream would know that one of their own had just met his end at the hands of the best
woodlands warrior that ever lived.  

The author of this book wrote the story of Lewis Wetzel in almost novel-like form which makes for very interesting reading and he attempts to keep the middle
ground as to whether Wetzel was a hero or a villain.  He has left it up to you, the reader, to decide.  
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