Published by BPC
ISBN: 978-1453649190
"I am not a poet in the traditional sense. I rarely have a rhyme, I don’t care about stanzas or acceptable
academic style.  I am telling stories in short form, in thought patterns that stop and start. Periods and
commas fall where they will, and I let them. I have found it the best way to write about my subject
matter without losing my own mind or the reader’s. My poems will give but brief glimpses into detailed,
often harsh subject matters, such as severe child abuse by adoptive parents, the lost, the unfortunate,
the homeless. Others tell about the joyful reunion with biological family, or a crooked Christmas tree,
or people I have known, places I have been, and those who have inspired me."

                                                                                                                   D. J. Andersen
Loss Leaves Hollows
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