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Sheldrake Point, New York
Love Comes Twice is a story of a Civil War hero named Duke whose passions rules his
life. His  passions are for home and family on Cayuga Lake in upstate New York, a
passion to become another great Shakespearean actor while helping a war wounded
friend (Hank) find success. A little girl (Lizzy) grown to womanhood in the Kanawha Valley
of Virginia, now West Virginia, who becomes his life-long partner with a shares passion
to create a grand opera house.

All of these passions are played out during a period of civil strife and recovery between
the years of 1860 and 1880. As Duke leaves his family home, he accepts a gold locket as
a gift from his sister Sylvia which serves as his good luck charm during the chain of his
An action packed story of Historical Fact and Fiction
This is a story about the life of a man who loved performing on a stage over all else,
save for the love of a woman.  The story is fact and fiction weaved together in narrative
fashion.  Most of the locations described are actual, beginning with Sheldrake Point on
Cayuga Lake in upstate New York, the Washington D.C. area, Rich Mountain and
Charleston, both in West Virginia.  The principle character's names are actual as
depicted.  I lived my early life with this man and his wife as my surrogate grandparents.
The time-line of the story covers a period during and after the Civil War with its pages
depicting periods in their lives as told to me.  Some of the incidents described are actual
while some have been manufactured.
From the Author
Born in 1918, Rand was raised in his
formative years by the principle characters
of this story, he attended West Virginia
University and served in WWII and the
Korean Conflict. A widower, he resides in
Mt. Prospect, Illinois and continues to
enjoy a weekly round of golf with friends
and shared experiences with his family.
Rand Burdette
ISBN:  978-1478716730