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     One thousand five hundred and fifty men and boys from the small, rural county of Meigs in southeastern
Ohio answered their country's call to arms during the Civil War.  Why did they do it?  Major Minor Milliken of
the 1st Ohio Cavalry sums it up best in his Soldier's Creed.  "I did it because I loved my country.  I thought
that, having been a good government to me and my fathers before me, I owed it to her to defend her from all
harm.  So when I heard of the insults offered her, I rose up as if someone had struck my mother, and as a
lover of my country, agreed to fight for her."
    This book contains the names and service records of those gallant men and boys of Meigs County who
gave up their friends, their loved ones, their occupations and their homes to fight for the Union.  Some never
We are still here, seek our stories, hear our songs,
We ride the wind of time, Our faded images look back at you.
We left our farms and fields, our rivers, our shops, our mines,
To save a nation torn asunder, we marched and felt war's thunder.
Stones in the ground mark where we lay, name us, mark our path for you to find.
So find us then, we are your blood,
We are the Boys of Ohio; We lived, we died,
And you live, to reach for us.

Boys of Ohio by Gerald Harding Gunn
    "My love of Meigs County began as a young child; I visited many summers with relatives, traversing hollers and river trails.  Little did I realize
the influence this time would have on my life. When I learned that several of my ancestors had been in the Civil War, I began researching their
military history and that of many others from Meigs County. I found research difficult because little had been written in books. What was written
was not in any concise order, perhaps only a paragraph or two per book. I hope the information you find here to be a much better representation
of the county and men who served during the Civil War, and will help amateur genealogists like myself to know more about their ancestors;
where they fought, if they died, where, and the burial location. There are in-depth details about several battles including Kennesaw Mountain,
Georgia and Corinth and Iuka, Mississippi. There are descriptions of over 9,000 men and boys, many who enlisted in Meigs County, Ohio

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lois Helmers
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