From the BPC Historical Collection
ISBN:  978-1480090644
 An American Classic, told by a masterful story-teller from the early 19th Century. It is a story of the adventures of a wandering sailor named Ishmael, his
Indian friend Queequeg and their fateful voyage on the whaler "Pequod" out of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  
 The "Pequod" was captained by Ahab, a demented soul...torn by his desire to wreak vengeance upon a large white sperm whale that, on a previous
voyage, had destroyed his boat and bitten off his leg. To Ahab, this voyage was not to harvest the oil of the great beasts of the ocean and make a profit for
the ship owners that made him Captain; rather it was a quest for vengeance on his nemesis, Moby Dick, the great White Whale.  
  The reader will find this a very adventurous story as well as an informative one. One can get an excellent glimpse of life in early America and the New
England whaling traditions.
Moby Dick
The White Whale
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