Published by BPC
ISBN: 978-1434812582
On any given day, at about any time, you can turn on the television and you will find a Texas Hold Em tournament
being played on one of the channels.  The televising of these games has brought forth a renewed interest in the
game of chance.  The market is glutted with items for holding Texas Hold Em tournaments at home.  Cards,
chips, marked table cloths, books on strategy, rules etc. etc.  

Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down the game of Texas Hold Em.  It's a fine game but I find it gets pretty
boring playing the same game over and over.   There are many more card games that can create excitement
and genuine fun for those of us who cannot afford a $10,000 entry fee to one of these televised tournaments.

This book contains 41 games and variations of card games that have been played and enjoyed for generations.
Long before television was even invented, folks would gather at different houses for "Friday" or "Saturday"
night poker parties.   Dealer's Choice was the rule.  Many games were invented at these "night outs" and their
popularity spread across the nation with different names and variations being added as they were played in
other areas by different folks.  The games in this book are games that my friends and my family have played and
enjoyed for over a half a century.   These games are guaranteed to provide hours and hours of fun and
excitement for you and your friends.  

                                                                                                                           C. Stephen Badgley
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