Published by BPC
ISBN: 978-0615483368
You are cradling a newborn.  The scent of innocence penetrates your spirit.  This child has no
concept of good or evil….only your nearness.  Now it is time to kill...kill the baby!  
Allow me to introduce you to Colbalt Drake.  He is a Native American who, because he was
born an albino, lived as an outcast. He was a victim of genetic circumstance, plagued by a
society that tortured him by turning a blind eye…Hindsight.   
The unavoidable events and conditions of his life formed a corridor toward evil…Mass
murderer.  The choice is yours.  Do you delude yourself with storybook endings, or do you
concede to the certainty that Cobalt Drake is a budding Hitler?
                                                                         Jane Seitz -Magazine Editor Emeritus
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