From the BPC Historical Collection
ISBN: 978-1449965471
THE object of this equitable
movement is to greatly improve
the conditions of mankind
everywhere, both temporally and
spiritually, and it is therefore,
intended to ultimately extend to all
parts of this inhabitable globe.
We earnestly trust and believe, that
the impartial study of this little
book, will yet cause a few more
rays of heavenly light to dawn upon
this favored nation.
DO you know that we are sustaining
a government that requires all of us
to render full and faithful service for
its continuance, and at the same
time allows about nine per cent of
our inhabitants to possess and
control seventy one per cent of all
the wealth that is produced by the
whole of us ?
IF you be a true philosopher and
can reason from cause to effect
on an equitable basis, you may
find that you now have in this
book, the key that will enable you
to unlock many of the mysteries
that go far to explain why
poverty, crime, famine, and war,
with all that is horrible, go hand in
hand with so-called civilization.
Early 20th Century words of wisdom that still
ring true today.
The Equitable Union
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