From the BPC Historical Collection
Zadock Steele
ISBN: 978-1448683635
In the predawn hours of October 16, 1780, the settlement of Royalton, Vermont was attacked
by Indians under the command of a British Lieutenant named Horton. The residents were
rousted out of their beds by the screaming horde of painted warriors as their once peaceful
village was plundered and burned. Murder and mayhem were everywhere. People watched
helplessly as their wives, husbands and children were put to death and their homes were
burned. They suffered unspeakable pain and suffering at the hands of their attackers.

Some were taken captive and forced to march through the wilderness to Canada as
prisoners to be turned over to the British, or to be tortured and killed by the Indians.  Zadock
Steele was of those captives.  He  managed to survive and return to his home. This is his
story as told by himself.

The Indian Captive
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