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This book is a collection of accounts by War Correspondents and newspaper articles created during the last four weeks of the Civil  War.
Edmund Hatcher, a former Union Soldier with Company C, 62nd Ohio Infantry, developed a desire to know more of what happened than he had
personally seen. He began a quest to obtain files from both northern and southern newspapers covering the last four weeks of the war, a time
when historic events rapidly occurred that forever changed America. From the fall of Richmond and the pursuit of Lee's Army to the surrender
at Appomattox Courthouse and the assassination of President Lincoln, you can read the accounts of all the events from both Union and
Confederate perspectives.

This collection was originally published by Mr. Hatcher in 1891 and was a great read then. It is still a great read for anyone with an interest in
the Civil War. These accounts and other items of interest added by Badgley Publishing Company are illustrated with over  100 photographs
from the time period.
The Last Four Weeks of the Civil War
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ISBN 978-0985440381
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