From the BPC Historical Collection
ISBN: 978-1450560931
Stephen Crane’s classic Civil War novel of a young man named Henry Fleming and his struggle with
his desire to be a "Good Soldier" and the dreadful thought that he might be a coward.

 Henry begins his military service as a naïve young man eager to experience the “glory” of war. He
soon faces the truth about war and his own self-identity on the battlefield.  As the first encounter
with the enemy approaches Henry wonders if he will be brave in the face of death.  In fact, Henry
does panic and flees the battle.  Fortunately he returns to his company and is not considered a
deserter.  This experience sets him on a journey of self-discovery as he struggles with his
conscience and re-examines his opinions about war, friendship, courage and life.

This book was once “mandatory reading” for those in the older generation.  It was a great read
then and still is today.
The Red Badge of Courage
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Stephen Crane