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ISBN: 978-0985440336
Jesse Evans
Charlie Bowdre
Tom O'Folliard
Pat Garrett
  The true life of the most daring young outlaw of the age.  He was the leading spirit in the bloody
Lincoln County, New Mexico war. When a bullet from Sheriff Pat Garrett’s pistol pierced his breast
he was only twenty-one years of age and had killed twenty-one men, not counting Indians. His six
years of daring outlawry has never been equaled in the annals of criminal history.  
Charles A. Siringo
Lawman and undercover agent for the
Pinkerton National Detective Agency
The author feels that he is capable of writing a true and unvarnished history of "Billy the Kid," as
he was personally acquainted with him, and assisted in his capture, by furnishing Sheriff Pat
Garrett with three of his fighting cowboys—Jas. H. East, Lee Hall and Lon Chambers.

The facts set down in this narrative were gotten from the lips of "Billy the Kid," himself, and
from such men as Pat Garrett, John W. Poe, Kip McKinnie, Charlie Wall, the Coe brothers, Tom
O'Folliard, Henry Brown, John Middleton, Martin Chavez, and Ash Upson. All these men took an
active part, for or against, the "Kid." Ash Upson had known him from childhood, and was
considered one of the family, for several years, in his mother's home. Other facts were gained
from the lips of Mrs. Charlie Bowdre, who kept ''Billy the Kid” hid out at her home in Fort
Sumner, New Mexico, after he had killed his two guards and escaped.
The Story of Billy the Kid
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