BPC Historical Collection
An Indian Village before the White men came
Fort Ancient 2000 years ago.
ISBN 978-0615988184
The story of early Ohio from the days of the Mound Builders to the Victorian Age.  This is a story of the people who lived in what is now the Great
State of Ohio during those times.  A story of the Native Americans who were there before the coming of the white settlers and a story of the savage
raids and battles fought in the struggle to gain or retain control of this rich, vast territory.  A story of the men and women who participated in these
events along with the suffering and hardships faced by all in a struggle to keep their home or in their quest to find a better life for themselves and
their descendants.     

In 1897, William Dean Howells, a novelist who was born in Martins Ferry, Ohio, to show the love of his native state and provide people with its
history, authored the book “Stories of Ohio”.  This book is a wonderful, intriguing look at the history of the Great State of Ohio and those who called
it home.   Badgley Publishing Company has taken the contents of his book, added more material and illustrations and re-created this historically
significant work in an effort to preserve his story and make it available to the public again.
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