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ISBN: 978-0985440343
Some died by the gun
Some died by the Vigilante's rope
In the old American west there were many men and boys who chose to live by the gun...and die by the gun. Some died by the Vigilante's Rope. The stories of Billy the
Kid, The James Boys, The Dalton Gang, Tom Pickett, Bill Chadwell and many, many others can be read in this wonderful, fact-filled book originally published in 1907.
The Story of the Outlaw
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Boone Helm
Henry Plummer
Joe Slade
Billy the Kid
Jesse Evans
Joel Fowler
Ben Thompson
Charles William Quantrill
Tom Pickett
Charlie Bowdre
John Murell
The Dalton Boys
The James Gang
The Younger Brothers
And many, many more!
Buckshot Roberts