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ISBN: 978-0615539294
 In 1806, Thomas Ashe, a British adventurer and author, came to America to see and explore the western frontier.  Using the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as his
main route, he traveled through the country keeping records of his thoughts and observations in a series of letters…to himself.  Upon his return to England, he
published these letters in three different volumes and they were made available for sale in 1808.  These three volumes have been consolidated into this book.   

The work of Mr. Ashe gives the reader a fascinating picture of early America as seen through the eyes of this obviously loyal Briton.  In these letters he depicts the
way things were and how life was lived west of the Appalachian Mountains, down the Ohio, the Mississippi and all the way to New Orleans.  
Travels in America
Performed in 1806
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Thomas Ashe was one of the first
white men to explore the ancient
Indian mound works at Marietta
and he documents his  amazing
finds in this book.